Leadership Presence:
Online Leadership Training Program



The Leadership Presence: Online Leadership Training Program is a self-paced online course that covers the elements of leadership presence through its four pillars. The program is approximately 8 hours in duration and can be combined with a personal coaching session with our resident experts for a more customized experience and hands-on training. This page allows you to register for a free trial of the course, which covers the first segment of the program.

The full program is a six-part module training system that leverages Corporate Class Inc.’s highly-acclaimed Executive Presence program and cutting-edge models that draw from the hard science of Neuroleadership.

The course, with its interactive learning modules, assessments, activities, and quizzes, will answer questions such as:
• What does it mean to have leadership presence?
• How can you build your presence?
• What are the elements of leadership presence?
• How can you leverage your presence to become a better leader?
What is it about?
The self-paced program will cover topics such as:
• Nailing your first impressions
• Mastering body language
• Communicating with confidence and clarity
• Building a powerful personal brand that’s unique to you
• Leading with purpose and impact to motivate and inspire those around you
• Elevate your emotional intelligence
• Understand what it means to be an inclusive leader
• Navigate office politics with confidence, and much more
• Set effective goals, define your strategies, and develop your action commitment plan

Develop presence. Use it to your advantage.

This is a preview of the course featuring the Introduction only.
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